About Us


Joey Connelly -- Owner of Joey's IT Solutions in Chattanooga, TNWhile perusing this site, you will see terms like “us” and “we” used a lot, but in actuality, Joey’s IT Solutions is a one-man operation.

After starting out as a Web developer in the mid-90s, and then spending 13-and-a-half years working in IT for a prominent insurance company in downtown Chattanooga, TN, I decided to go out on my own and started Joey’s IT Solutions. As a life-long geek and lover of all things tech, my goal is to give clients the best possible tech support that I can, at fair prices.

Whether its working on desktop or laptop computers, developing websites, or even helping someone with their smart phone, I dabble in just about everything related to tech. Heck, I even work on classic video arcade and pinball machines.

So don’t needlessly suffer with computer-related problems or use a “brick & mortar” establishment that will just dismiss your issues and try to sell you something you don’t need… I will try my best to give you fast, friendly and personal service that will straighten out your tech issues and get you back on-track.

Thanks for visiting, and should you need it, I look forward to helping you.

~Joey Connelly~
Joey’s IT Solutions